The Final Exhibtion

The final <dis/play> exhibition was a great success.  See some images!

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Artists working with kids

Our artists are very busy working with kids making awesome art… looking forward to the exhibition

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Portia Malatjie on Radio Today

Our project curator Portia Malatjie was interviewed on Radio Today, have a listen to the interview here.

Murals at the Ansteys Building

British graffitti artist Solo One came and painted some awesome murals at the Anstey Building with Urban Arts Platform.

More about the initaitive can be read on the British Council’s blog.

Some pictures of what was done:

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“Saving Money For Tomorrow” Talk

At least 10 years ago, water was not among the items on any family grocery shopping list. Today one buys water everywhere. The cost of living is becoming increasingly expensive and uncertain. Hence, the need to save money for tomorrows needs.

As artists and freelancers in  the art industry, we know that finances are unpredictable, but we want to be financially stable.  JM Busha Investment Group, a unique investment and banking group of companies with about R2.9 billion under management understands the artist lifestyle and will help you to save money according to your affordability and budget.

JM Busha invites you to a talk on “Saving Money For Tomorrow”. You will be given insight on how to save, different ways of saving and will have the chance to ask questions on investment related matters whilst being provided a learning opportunity.

For introductory information, please visit

Please join us for the talks on the following dates:
31 March 2010 12:00 – 14:00
21 April 2012 12:00 – 14:00
26 May 2012 12:00 – 14:00
Please note that food and refreshments will be served.
These talks are offered free of charge but space is limited.

Venue    : JM Busha House
28 Bompas Road (Cnr Jan Smuts Avenue)
Dunkeld West

To book your space please contact Puleng Plessie
or call 0762532530

We look forward to your participation.

Painting of the Fourth Floor

The painting of the recreational room on the fourth floor of the Ansteys Building happened on Saturday 18 February.  Lots of people got involved, which was great to see.  The room will be used by Urban Arts Platform and the Ansteys Kids.  The paint was sponsored by Plascon and the painting was filmed by Summit TV.  We hope to see it on air soon!

Some pictures of the process:

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What is Art?

The What is Art? Project is an attempt to answer the question: what is art?  We ask people to respond to the question on a blank postcard.  The answers are many and varied and the collection of postcards keeps growing.

We took the postcards along to the first workshop we held with the Ansteys kids.  The kids produced some amazing looking postcards and answers.  It was a great way to get them thinking about something they knew very little about.

This project is also about play and the kids found that making postcards could be an amazingly playful activity.

We are still in the process of photographing all of the kids postcards which we will post here, but in the meantime have a look at some previously made postcards.

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Partner Organisations

There are several different organisations and individuals working on this project.  If you would like to know more about any of them please visit their respective websites:

Urban Arts Platform


Portia Malatjie

Also, if you would like to get involved email


Reverie Heights

Check out this great looking project happening in the Anstey building while the display project is happening – Reverie Heights!

Chereographer Leigh Nudelman will be creating a dream landscape in the building.

And you can contribute towards it too, just share your dreams.

Exciting Workshops

Some pictures from our first few workshops being run for the Ansteys Kids

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